The CEC called price systems for counting of votes

The price of the new complexes for counting — Cohiba — should be about 200 thousand rubles, said at a meeting of the Central election Commission (CEC), its Chairman, Ella Pamfilova. “Right now, but it is preliminary, it is about 200 thousand, give or take. The more competition, the greater the opportunity cost may be lower. We are working in this direction,” she explained.

The Deputy Chairman of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev added that the CEC would like to purchase another 5-7 thousand Cohiba to “every second of the regional section, and maybe more” was provided with an electronic ballot boxes. “Our goal is to increase the competitiveness, and the price, which is now developing, will reduce the cost of Cohiba 25-30%”, — he added.

Also at the meeting of the Commission specified technical requirements for new Koibem: CEC members voted to replace a collapsible container for ballots cast on and to establish a five-year warranty on systems.

The sides previously said that the Commission discussed the purchase of Cohiba with several manufacturers. The negotiations were conducted including with the company “KROK”, which developed the previous version of Cohiba. Production of COHIBA-2017 the company is estimated at 280 thousand RUB over the complex, and this caused a “heated debate” in the CEC.

In January, the CEC reported that the purchase of electronic ballot boxes plan to spend the money saved on the Duma campaign, which are about 550 million rubles. Later Bulaev said that this amount will purchase about 2.5-3 thousand complexes. From the calculation indicated that the price of a single Cohiba will make about 220 thousand roubles

Cohiba — complexes, which are designed to automate the verification of ballot papers — consist of a pair of scanners and a printer. They began to be widely used in the regional elections of 2010. At that time, CEC has developed requirements for facilities that have been identified by their desired price — from 30 thousand to 40 thousand rubles per one complex.