The media learned about US plans to blame hackers in Russia stealing Yahoo accounts

The U.S. Department of justice plans to press charges related to the hacking of accounts by the American company Yahoo. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to informed source.

Suspected hacker attacks are four. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, one of them is now in Canada, the other three are temporarily living in Russia. In plans of the authorities to arrest the suspects as soon as possible.

Representatives of Yahoo and the justice Ministry refused to comment to the Agency.

The company repeatedly reported about the leak of user data. In September last year, Yahoo told about the theft of data 500 million user accounts after a hacker attack in 2014. Hackers managed to steal user names, their email addresses, phone numbers, and logins and passwords. The company noted that among the stolen data there is no information about Bank accounts and cards, users, and passwords unprotected.

In December last year, the company said that it managed to reveal a new hacking. As a result of it, according to Yahoo, the hackers managed to steal data of more than 1 billion users.

Due to hacker attacks, the telecommunications company Verizon buys Yahoo for $350 million cheaper than originally planned. With the discount, the purchase price will be $4.48 billion, Yahoo also had to spend $10 million on the solution of legal differences caused by the data theft.