Bloomberg spoke about the hacked Yahoo by order of FSB “good guy”

Bloomberg told who Baratov Karim — 22-year-old hacker whom U.S. authorities accuse of involvement in the hacking of the 500 million users of Yahoo! by order of the FSB.

Baratov is the only detainee among 4 people, which on the eve of the U.S. Department of justice charged with hacking attack on the Yahoo!. Apart from him, the accused are employees of FSB Dmitry Dokuchaev and Igor Sushchyn, and also part of the 10 most wanted U.S. kiberprestupnikov Alexey Belan. Earlier in the week Baratova was arrested in Canada.

Bloomberg writes that Baratova 22 years, he is a native of Kazakhstan, but has canadian citizenship. According to the publication, on 14 March, the hacker appeared in court in Hamilton, which is an hour drive from Toronto. After several pre-trial hearings, the canadian court will resolve the question of his extradition to the United States.

A few weeks ago Baratov in Instagram told about his life. Four years ago he was expelled from school, which allowed him all the time to work on their online projects. Baratov argues that the business project helped him to pay off the mortgage and buy a BMW 7 series.Judging by the photos on his personal page in Facebook and in Instagram, Baratova fleet also includes an Aston Martin, Mercedes, and Audio.

The photos that he post on a social network, it can be concluded that Baratov also enjoys drawing and sports.

Dillon, Komlenic, which Baratov repaired the car, described it as “very good, polite and smart guy.” He said that Baratov never really discussed his work.

Jeff Joseph, with whom a suspect in the hacking attacks trained together in the gym, said Baratov “great guy” who “even not hurt a fly”. According to him, the young man rightly belonged to all, and always spoke well of others.

Baratova accused of working for Dmitry Dokuchaev, which in the past he was a hacker, and then was a senior security officer of the 2nd division of planning information security Center (Tsib) of the FSB. In January 2017 Dokuchaev was arrested on charges of treason. According to the U.S. Department of justice, Baratov used a fake mailbox to trick users into handing over passwords, which he then sold Dokuchaev $100 for each.

In November last year, “Novaya Gazeta” argued that Dokuchaev was associated with the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty”. Under the name Forb he was allegedly in direct contact with the perpetrators of the hacking or he was involved in the attacks, while he supervised the activities of his supervisor, the head of the 2nd Directorate of the Ciba Colonel Sergei Mikhailov.

Bloomberg notes that it is not clear whether knew Baratov works for whom. However, the indictment says that Dokuchaev and his colleague Igor Suschyn said hachero from Kazakhstan to hack into private accounts belonging to Russian politicians and officials. Baratov asked to implement a hacker attack on 80 accounts, e-mail, including 50 Google accounts.

According to the U.S. justice Department, the suspects were able to access e-mail addresses of Russian journalists, employees of Russian companies working in the field of cybersecurity, officials from the United States and Russia, the Swiss operator of bitcoin.

The suspect was charged with fraud, economic espionage and hacking computer systems. In total, the document contains 14 counts.