The case of Mikhail Yurevich was connected with the prosecution of generals MIA

“The story of five years ago”

The case of the former Governor of Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich associated with the criminal prosecution of the former leaders of the Main Directorate of economic security and counteraction of corruption (Guebipk) Ministry of internal Affairs Boris Kolesnikov Denis Sugrobova, said the Deputy of the state Duma and the source in law enforcement bodies. This information was confirmed by the lawyer Yurevich, Igor Trunov.

On the case concerning ex-the Governor, the Investigative Committee said on Thursday evening, March 16. According to the TFR, Yurevich received a bribe at a time when he was the head of the region. The money the officer gave Vitaly Teslenko, who Yurevich was appointed Minister of health. Other details of the persecution in the TFR are not disclosed. He Yurevich now is on treatment in Israel, the phone is not answered. His press Secretary Yulia Bobylev told Interfax that the criminal case jurewicz learned from the media. According to her, Yurevich is not yet ready to comment on anything because he has too little information about the nature of what is happening. Lawyer Trunov has told that the decision on initiation of proceedings against the ex-Governor he has not been charged.

Teslenko was convicted in 2014. He was sentenced to seven years in a penal colony with a fine in the amount of RUB 300 million. According to police, from January to April 2012 Teslenko received from the heads of the two business firms a bribe in the amount of 71 million rubles in Return, he promised to help them to conclude contracts for the supply of high-tech medical equipment like ventilators and incubators for newborns. Teslenko admitted his guilt and concluded a pretrial agreement with the investigation.

Generals of the interior Ministry

The case against Yurevich associated with “history from five years ago about corruption in procurement of medical equipment,” said the Deputy of the state Duma, familiar with a situation in the Chelyabinsk region. He recalled that “the testimony in the case Sugrobov was mentioned several governors, among them jurewicz”. Employees of the Ministry of interior on trial for organizing a criminal community, abuse of authority, falsification of evidence and provocation bribes. The main defendant is the former chief of a Central Board, Lieutenant-General Denis Snowdrifts. Just are ten officers, including Deputy Sugrobov Borys Kolesnikov, which in 2014 fell from the window of the Investigative Committee.

One of the Complainants and victims in the case Sugrobov was the businessman Vladimir Reizvih. He was the owner of the company Lamitec-medical Gmbh, which was set in Russia imported medical equipment. I wrote “Novaya Gazeta”, in 2011, the attention of the interior Ministry and the FSB drew supplies of expensive foreign medical equipment in the departmental clinic, the office of the President. Law enforcers suspect officials responsible for appropriate procurement, of bias during the competition.

The operational development involved Guebipk, and in sight of the control, among others, and Reizvih. Detective Ivan Kosourov caught him in corrupt relations with officials of the President administration, the governments of the Tyumen and Chelyabinsk regions, including Yurevich. In particular, as follows from the case materials Guebipk, in the supply of equipment in Chelyabinsk oblast Razvija the company paid a 25 percent rollback, and during the search the Germans found the documents on the treatment of the family Yurevich €50 thousand.

In October 2012 against Rizvia and two in Tyumen officials opened a criminal case. At that time Rizvic had already been arrested in Germany, but in another case — about plunder of the credit. He found the documents to pay for the treatment in Germany of high-ranking officials. “In this case listed a number of officials, which he paid certain sums of money. Or pay for treatment of these individuals and their relatives in Germany, or just pay them for facilitating the supply of medical equipment to Russia. In this context, Yurevich mentioned. Reizvih paid for the treatment he and someone from his relatives”, — said the lawyer Sugrobova Edward Isetskiy. Quebec Rizvia released from criminal prosecution due to cooperation with investigators. In the future, the businessman became a victim in the case of a criminal in the Chapter, noted in conversation with the lawyer of relatives Kolesnikov Sergey Chizhikov.

“Now the entrepreneur is in this position that can give any indications, just to evade responsibility. In the case Teslenko he already gave testimony. They were neutral, not affected Yurevich. But judging by the fact that in respect Yurevich opened a case, Rizvich, obviously, something new said,” says Trunov.

Businessman and MP

Mikhail Yurevich is one of the most influential Chelyabinsk politicians and businessmen. Jurewicz along with his family is the owner of Russian agricultural holding “Makfa”, the largest producer of macaroni products in Russia. The holding exports its products to 20 countries of Europe, Asia, North and South America and the CIS. The production capacity of the company, according to its own data, accounts for 20% of macaroni products in Russia. The company was founded on the basis of the Chelyabinsk macaroni factory opened in 1937.

Revenue from the “Makfa” in 2015, increased by 18% and amounted to 17 billion rubles., net profit has decreased in two times and amounted to 737 million rubles. in addition, among the assets of his family — major development projects in the Chelyabinsk shopping Mall “Rodnik”, “Ural”, “Almaz” and others. According to a source familiar with the structure of the business, “Makfa” and its beneficiaries, “despite the prosecution — on the company’s business is not likely to be affected”. “Concerns about the fate of the business arose several years ago when Michael [Yurevich] only left his post of the Governor. Then several large financial groups and the relevant players of the sector offered him to sell the company, but further developments showed that it is possible to do without it, — said the source . — Buy a full-fledged holding company, which was based on the right management models and hedging risks for shareholders that allows them to retain control of the company and to develop it.”

Jurewicz was the Deputy of the state Duma from 1999 to 2005, from 2005 to April 2010 he held the post of head of Chelyabinsk. From April 2010 to January 2014 was head of the region, then resigned on their own. During this time he became involved in several scandals. Among them — placing on the procurement website tender for exclusion from search engines issuing negative information about the region and order for personal protection of the Governor a total cost of 109 million rubles To the post of Governor is a politician, “acted tough”, including law enforcement, recalled in conversation with political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko.

“Yurevich was a serious conflict with the FSB,” — confirms the words of an expert a source close to the former Governor’s team. According to him, the conflict was the President of the Supreme court of region Feodor Vyatkin. In 2012, the local press began to appear materials about the assets of the family Vyatkina, which was incompatible with his official income. According to the source of publication was associated with the attempt Yurevich shift Vyatkina. However, on the side of the judges stood up the regional FSB, and then the employees of the Central apparatus of the security services, resulting in the command of the Governor entered the war with the security forces.

Influential politician

In 2016, Mikhail Yurevich planned to be re-elected to the Duma, but he has failed to register as a candidate or from the “United Russia” or Party of pensioners. Full list of “pensioners”, which included Yurevich and some other former governors, with the scandal was removed by the CEC.

For the inclusion of Yurevich in the list of the ex-leader of the “pensioners,” Eugene Artyukh was a conflict with the presidential administration, said the former leader of the party. “I was charged that I included in the list of dubious identity. Like Yurevich, for example,” recalled Artyukh. In his opinion, the future parliamentary mandate Yurevich was a condition of the agreement on his departure from the post of Governor of the Chelyabinsk region.

“Later, on 26 July 2016 at the extraordinary Congress of the party of pensioners, which was inspired by the President’s administration, Yurevich from the list of parties excluded. And I was dismissed from the post of the Chairman of the RPP,” concluded Artyukh. Former leader of the “pensioners” were accused of the offset, specifically the Deputy chief of management on internal politics of Timur Prokopenko.

The interlocutor in the state Duma does not exclude that the criminal case to which he returned after all this time, due to the “political factor” because jurewicz remains an influential figure in the region. With the Deputy agrees Minchenko. According to him, the successor Yurevich Boris Dubrovsky things are going “very well” in the economy and in politics. Nostalgia for the previous Chapter of the region may annoy many, the political scientist said.

With the participation of Vladimir Dergacheva, Faith Kholmogory, Evgenia Kuznetsova