The media learned about plans of the USA to reduce the cost the UN more than twice

The administration of us President Donald trump intends to more than halve funding for UN programmes. This publication reports Foreign Policy, citing three sources.

According to the newspaper, which specializiruetsya on coverage of foreign policy issues, the indication previously received state Department officials. In order for officials from the American office stated that the government needs to consider options for reducing the financing of UN peacekeeping operations, UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), United Nations development Programme and the world food programme and the programme for the refugees. The interlocutors noted that U.S. diplomats fear a complete refusal to Fund the United Nations Fund for population and United Nations framework Convention on climate change.

The white house, explain the sources of Foreign Policy, goes to such measures in order to increase spending on the army by $54 billion, and further reduce other budget expenditures in the same amount. In General, States annually transferred to the UN budget of about $10 billion.

The newspaper notes that in the event of US refusal to Fund these programs Washington can deny the right to vote in the UN General Assembly due to the fact that other countries — members of the organization will not be able to cover the necessary budget. In General, the intention of the administration to trump edition evaluates as “an unprecedented retreat from international operations, which are aimed at maintaining peace, ensuring vaccination of children, monitoring of unauthorized nuclear programs, and promoting peace talks in various countries, including Syria and Yemen.”

Thursday, March 16, the U.S. government plans to submit a new draft of the Federal budget. According to experts, the administration will reduce costs for the foreign Ministry, the us Agency for international development the United States and other international assistance programs to 37%.