The training center special forces in Chechnya was associated with the Akhmat Kadyrov Fund

Center from the veteran of “alpha”

International training centre of the special forces under the Gudermes trained fighters of the Chechen battalion of the military police of the Ministry of defence before sending in Syria, previously told the assistant to the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov for the power block Daniel Martynov. This center is associated with Mosadi by Alievym — one of the largest developers in Chechnya, a participant in construction projects in Gudermes and Grozny and one of the co-investors charitable Fund named after Akhmad Kadyrov, found Republic.

Martynov said that the centre is a private project, which is sponsored by Chechen businessmen, “has achieved considerable success in business in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of the country.” On private investment, said Kadyrov. Martynov press service of the Center did not disclose the beneficiaries of the project. The legal entity behind the structure was not indicated on the official resources Center in social networks and on the website.

The area Centre in the vicinity of Gudermes occupies more than 70 hectares. According to a cadastral extract from the egrn that has been reviewed and the site really is intended for the construction of the training center. The large plot (cadastral map) is owned by the Chechen Republic. She leases it to a JSC “Multifunctional sports and training center Master” (JSC established the Alex Miracle, it was established in Gudermes several similar sports centers).

Chudan — the veteran of special troops of FSB “the alpha”, the instructor for work with special units of law enforcement bodies of the Chechen Republic, about his awarding Kadyrov was reported by the official Chechen media. The forum of the magazine “big Brother” mentioned Vitaly Miracle, Lieutenant of the interior Ministry troops who died in 2000 during the second Chechen campaign. Republic calls the deceased alleged father of the instructor.

Chechen tycoon

Director of the “Master” Mosadi Allview is one of the largest developers in Chechnya, a participant in construction projects in Gudermes and Grozny. He is the owner of the company “Grozny city” (90,91% share according to EGRUL). The firm leases property in the same complex, as well as in shopping and business centers throughout Chechnya. Assistant of Kadyrov, said that in the “Grozny city” live all trainers of the training Center for fighters.

Company “Grozny-city” is associated with the Fund named after Akhmad Kadyrov through the company “Leader auto”, which in turn is a primary dealer of “AVTOVAZ” in the Republic, says “Rain”. According to “SPARK-Interfax”, the Fund Kadyrov set up a company in 2007, and in 2014 40% of the company became the property of the “Grozny city”.

As reported by “Kommersant” in 2015, about 10% of their income to Fund state employees transferred Kadyrov of Chechnya. Also donate to the Fund business. The construction of schools, mosques and other social facilities to the Fund allocated businessmen Ruslan Baysarov and Umar Dzhabrailov.

As calculated based on the information from the website of public procurement, “Inkomstroy” where Allview is the CEO for the last two years have received government contracts of approximately 637 million rubles. “Chechenpress”, where he is a former CEO, has received contracts for 61 million rubles for 2015 and 2016, “Grozny city” — only 6 million rubles.

Have Allview also has assets in Sochi, he controls only part of the developer “Alpica” and developers “condi” and “Sochi-Greenlight” indicates Republiс.

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As previously reported , the center in Gudermes, the instructors who prepared the Chechen battalion in Syria, due to open in 2018. The structure is private and is not subordinated to any Ministry.

The base for the centre will be a military town with an area of over 400 hectares with its runway, a reservoir and the largest in the world (4 thousand sq m) of small galleries. In the main building will consist of lectures in IT and medical training, there will be a pool and a gym. The center is the “tactical city”, the wind tunnel and the parachute complex. Just appears 40 objects to practice fighting with terrorists in an urban setting in the daytime and at night. Privately it will cook and bodyguards. The cost of education at the center of power of the Republic did not disclose.

According to Martynov, the core of the team of instructors of the center have become “fellows” with whom he “served together in alpha, the overall composition of the training team — 32 people. 12 of them are senior instructors, veterans of the elite special forces “alpha” and “Vympel”.

With the participation of Maria Istomina