Ukrainian radicals have teamed up for a “crusade” against Poroshenko

Activists of party “Freedom” and “national building”, created on the basis of a regiment of national guard “Azov” and the movement “Right sector” (banned in Russia) signed the Manifesto of the Association. This is reported by “Ukrainian news”.

“Tomorrow, when the power will belong to the Ukrainian nationalists, we will implement this Manifesto”, the newspaper quoted the leader of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok announced the signing of the document on Thursday, March 16.

The agreement between the three organizations Tancibok called a “historic event”. He noted that they will not only coordinate with partners, but also will work together to achieve common goals. “This document, which we’re about to start on his crusade against this government”, — said the politician. In the Manifesto, he said, contains a provision about the imminent announcement of impeachment of President Petro Poroshenko.

The Manifesto also stated that Ukraine should sever diplomatic relations with Russia and recognize her as “the aggressor” at all levels of world diplomacy. “To break off diplomatic relations, block occupied territory, to stop the activity of Russian business in Ukraine, to impose sanctions on the Russian capital, goods and services,” the document cites the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

As radicals plan to withdraw the deputies, to introduce the election of judges and local officials, and to allow the possession of firearms. Just a manifest of about 20 points. The authors emphasize that in order to confirm the provisions of the Manifesto “ready to give up their power, property, and if need be life.”