“Kaspersky lab” explained the payment of royalties to the ex-assistant of trump

A subsidiary of “Kaspersky Lab” has paid royalties to the former assistant to the President Donald trump on national security Michael Flynn for his statement at a forum in Washington in 2015, reported the press service of “Kaspersky Lab”. Earlier that Flynn received from a subsidiary of the company “Kaspersky Lab” more than $11 million, Bloomberg reported.

“Subsidiary company “Kaspersky Lab” Kaspersky Government Security Solutions (now KGSS Inc.) paid General Michael Flynn fee for the speech at the forum Government Cybersecurity Forum held KGSS Inc. in Washington in 2015″, — said the representative of “Kaspersky Lab”.

According to him, while Government Cybersecurity Forum discussed the cybersecurity issues faced by the governments of different countries and their solutions, and participation in the forum took “the leading political and IT-experts”.

The representative of “Kaspersky Lab” said that “Kaspersky Lab” is a private company and, although cooperating with the authorities of many countries and international law enforcement organizations to fight cybercrime, “any government” it is not connected.

Wrote Bloomberg, citing documents published by the congressional Democrats, a former adviser to the U.S. President for national security Michael Flynn received a total of over $56 thousand from companies related to Russia. In particular, he received $11, 250 Flynn from Kaspersky Government Security Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of the Russian company “Kaspersky Lab”, and another $45 thousand for participation in the event dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the TV channel RT. During the “gala dinner” that was arranged channel, Michael Flynn sat next to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Flynn previously denied that he received money from the Russian channel, however, refused to disclose the amount, said to Bloomberg.

At the same time, The Wall Street Journal noted that RT for participation in the conference in Moscow Flynn got less — $33 750, and two payments — $11,250 — he received from two Russian companies — freight and software. Reuters suggested that in the case of a transport company we can talk about the airline “Volga-Dnepr”.

In addition, in early March, the newspaper The New York Times wrote that Flynn also acted as the lobbyist of interests of Turkey and earned about $500 thousand According to the publication, Flynn for the trump presidential bid in 2016, gathered information about the Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulane, which Ankara considers as the organizer of the military coup in July 2016. A former adviser to trump registered as a lobbyist in 2016, but has not applied for registration as a foreign agent until March 2017, noted NYT.

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Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer, commenting on the lobbying activities of Flynn stated that the administration of the tramp was not aware of the work of Flynn in the interests of Turkey, and the decision to work as a lobbyist was his personal business.

Michael Flynn resigned just 24 days after its appointment to this post due to a political scandal which has inflamed after it became known about his talks with Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak. The immediate reason for his resignation was the provision of incorrect information to the Vice-President of the United States Mike Pence: it turned out that Flynn discussed with the Ambassador the question of sanctions against Russia, but did not inform the Vice-President.