The state Duma audits the American media in Russia

Deputies of the state Duma on March 17 instructed the Duma Committee on information policy, to organize the test of the American media on the compliance of their activities with the Russian legislation.

The lower house of Parliament has supported the proposal of the Deputy-the United Russia Konstantin Zatulin “to organize the verification activities of the American media: “Radio Liberty”, “Voice of America”, CNN and others on their compliance activities with the Russian legislation”.

In a prepared Zatulin Protocol request, the Deputy indicates that on March 14, the Senator from new Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen introduced in Congress a bill giving additional powers to the Ministry of justice with the purpose of checking the Russian broadcaster RT in compliance with the American legislation on foreign agents.

The MP considers it necessary to adopt retaliatory measures, “given the fact that persecution on the basis of specially adopted a repressive legal act may cause damage not only to the business reputation of the Russian television and Russia as a whole.”