CB spoke about a new way to steal money from Bank cards

The Central Bank of Russia reported about scams invented a new way to steal money from Bank cards through ATMs. This was stated by Deputy head of the main Directorate of security and information protection, Bank of Russia Artem Sychev at the XIX all-Russian banking conference, reports TASS.

According to Sychev, we are talking about a completely new way of embezzlement of funds — the wireless. “We always, when talking about the skimming, noted that the attacker needs to put something on the ATM, and now a new technology has emerged, the wireless” — leads the Agency of his word.

The representative of the Bank of Russia has specified that the device with which the attackers are attacking the ATM, is placed near it. “ATM nothing is hung up, this is a fundamental novelty. The ATM is protected in different ways. Put motion sensors, opening. And when this thing is working remotely, these sensors useless. More precisely, they for this type of attacks useless,” he explained (quote via RNS).

Sychev stressed that the monitoring Centre and response to computer attacks in the financial sphere (FinCERT) to the Bank of Russia informed the banks about a new way of fraud.

In addition, the representative of the Central Bank spoke about receiving information from Interpol about the compromise of a large amount of Russian Bank cards. “Periodically, we receive information about targeted issues. For example, the latest receipt of information from Interpol. A fairly large amount of compromised cards of Russian users on Russian banks,” — said Sychev (quoted by “Interfax”).

He stressed that this information was also brought to the “participating in the information exchange, whose blocks of cards have been exposed by hackers”.