In France candidates for the election of the President became 11

The French constitutional Council announced the final list of candidates on elections of the President of the country. For the post of President in the elections that will be held April 23, will be an 11. About it reports Reuters.

Among the candidates announced by the head of Council, Laurent Fabius, the leader of “National front” marine Le Pen, the independent candidate centrist Emmanuel macron and the candidate from the party “the Republicans” Francois Fillon. The candidate of the Socialist party, became Benoit Amon, in the elections are also expected to join Nicolas DuPont-Aignan, the leader of the radical left Jean-Luc Mélenchon, says Europe1.

Full list on Twitter of the constitutional Council.

To participate in the presidential elections, candidates had to receive more than 500 signatures from elected officials: deputies, senators, members of the European Parliament from France, etc., notes TASS.

According to Europe1, the constitutional Council received 14,586 thousand signatures, confirming 14,296 thousand

In 2012, the election was attended by 10 people, in 2007 – 12.