Reuters said about buying the “Russian elite” housing in buildings of trump

Russian elites actively buying U.S. real estate in the buildings of the US President Donald trump, reports Reuters with reference to the Orbis database of Bureau Van Dijk company, apartment owners and realtors.

According to the Agency, seven high-rise buildings in Florida, which is owned by trump, at least 63 people with Russian passports bought housing. The total value of the estate at least $98.4 million While the owners of at least 703 of the 2044 real estate listings in seven buildings trump are companies with limited liability. They do not indicate in the documents the names of the real owners, therefore, the Agency concludes that the number of Russian homeowners may be different.

The Agency claims, among home buyers was a former top Manager of the Federal Agency Spetsstroy Alexander Juzvik, President of investment Bank “the Viking” St.-Petersburg Alexey Ustaev. In addition, the shelter owns regional politicians and businessmen, as well as Andrew Truskov — co-owner of Absolute Group LLC, specializing in real estate development, investment and wholesale electronics.

Reuters stresses that “members of the inner circle of Russian President [Vladimir] Putin among the owners of the apartments there”.

According to the register of rights to real estate of Florida in 2010 Husvik bought an apartment with his wife in the complex Trump Palace in Sunny Isles. The value of the property with a total area of 195 sqm and panoramic Windows $1.27 million

Truskov became the owner of an apartment in Trump Hollywood in Sunny Isles in 2011. According to the website of real estate Agency, apartment, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, its price reaches $1.4 million the businessman in an interview with Reuters, confirmed that he owns this property and indicated that it was bought for personal purposes and has nothing to do with the business. According to him, the cost of the apartment was comparable to the cost of three-room apartment in Mytishchi.

“It’s warm in Florida, the sun 360 days a year. A good place to buy,” he explained in an interview with the Agency.

Ustaev also confirmed to Reuters that he owns two apartments in Miami — one in the complex Trump Palace for $1.18 million and the other at Trump Royale for $5.2 million According to him, he bought this property for personal use.

General counsel the Trump Organization in an interview with the Agency stated that it is inappropriate to examine the business when trump with Russia. “I can say that it is excessively overblown media story. I work in this company and in the course of her transactions,” he said. At the White house this issue was forwarded to the Trump Organization.