The media learned about the plan of Visa to allow banks to charge a fee with card holders

Since mid-February, Visa has allowed banks ATM owner (the acquirer) to take a Commission from the customer for withdrawing cash from ATMs, said Vedomosti, citing four bankers. To this rule the payment systems is forbidden.

The fee for withdrawing money from the card set by the Bank that issued the card — this allows the client to know exactly how much it will cost using the card, regardless of the ATM of which Bank he uses. If the card holder cash withdrawal is free, this means that the interchange fee is paid by the Bank that issued the card, from its own funds.

The Bank that issued the card, is calculated with the Bank that owns the ATM according to the rules of the payment system. The size of the interbank Commission Mastercard is 0.5% of the transaction amount, Visa — 0,45% + 3 RUB, “the World” — 0,45%.

New Visa rules, write “Vedomosti”, will keep the interchange fee of 0.45% + 3 RUB or to reduce it to 0.25% by adding Commission from the client. The size of this fee is not specified: in the rules it says only that it “fixed” and Visa it may limit.

The new tariff policy Visa can fundamentally change the market, if other systems will alter their rules in a similar way, according to respondents, “Vedomosti” bankers. In this case, the acquiring banks can charge a fee for cash withdrawals on Visa cards.

According to the newspaper “Vedomosti” Mastercard supports this idea and can change their rates in the coming months. However, the official representative of Mastercard payment system declined to comment.

The representative of the national payment system stated that the system has no plans to change current rules that prohibit owners of ATMs may take an additional Commission from cardholders.

The General Director of payment system Visa Catherine Petelin in comments to “Vedomosti” were limited to the message that Visa periodically review tariff policies to meet market changes.

Deputy head of the Federal antitrust system (FAS) Andrey Kashevarov told Vedomosti that “the imposition of unreasonable rates can be signs of violation of the Antimonopoly legislation in terms of imposing” as payment systems Visa and Mastercard dominate the market. However, in order to make final conclusions, the FAS need to perform their activities in other countries.