Trump called “great” meeting with Merkel and demanded from Germany money

The US President Donald trump called the talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel “excellent”. While trump said that States this, despite the abundance of “fake news” about the outcome of the visit.

The President wrote about this in his Twitter.

“Despite what you heard from the fake news, I had a great meeting with Angela Merkel,” wrote trump.

However, the US President added that however, “Germany needs a huge amount of money, NATO and the United States.”

“You have to pay more for very powerful and expensive defense, which provided Germany!” — trump added in a second tweet.

The first after the inauguration of the trump meeting with Merkel took place on Friday, March 17, during her visit to the United States. As reported by the press service of the White house, the talks, the sides discussed bilateral relations, prospects of vystraivanii relations with Russia and the situation in Ukraine and Afghanistan. Trump said that the United States remain committed to NATO. “I reiterated to the Chancellor Merkel about his strong support of NATO, and our NATO allies to contribute their fair share for defense needs,” said trump at a press conference.