In the USA announced a competition for the best project of building the wall with Mexico

US authorities have announced a competition among projects for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, CNN reports. Documentation requirements for potential contractors, one of the largest construction projects in U.S. history published on the website of border and customs services of the United States.

“The wall should be impressive in height,” — said in documentation for contractors. The height should be 30 feet (9 m), it follows from the documents.

Also, the contractors put forward the requirement that over the wall was impossible to climb without a ladder and with the help of various ancillary items, such as hooks. In addition, the wall must be protected against possible undermining and attempts to penetrate it. The requirements clearly state that the structure must withstand a minimum of 30 minutes of various attempts to overcome it.

Among other requirements, the wall must be “pleasing color” and into the landscape on the American side.

Initially it was assumed that the wall should be made of concrete, and now the documentation States that allowed “other projects”.