Roan saw the threat of revenge, “the Ukrainian elite” in Sevastopol

Chaly said that in conditions, when the current Governor of Sevastopol creates a new effective government, there is opposition to old elites. “If you want Ukrainian, in 2014, was rejected, but now on the eve of gubernatorial elections is preparing to attempt the rematch,” he said.

Chaly explained the situation to the high cost of land in Sevastopol. “Many people began to play on the side,” he said.

However, the former Governor of Sevastopol noted that the emergence of new problems and ambiguous attitude towards them is quite normal. “Then (in 2014) it was about identity, and now we do not have to teach fake history,” he said.

Alexey Chaly in February 2014 during the rally in Sevastopol was elected “people’s mayor” of the city. He later became acting mayor of Sevastopol, and later was speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the city.