Sands considered unimportant question of the timing of reconciliation with Ukraine

According to the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, the question of how much time must pass until the moment when Ukraine recognized the Russian Crimea, and will establish with the Russian Federation and friendly relations, is not currently important. He declared it in interview to the journalist Stanislav Kucher.

Asked to make a prediction and call possible recognition by Ukraine of the fact of joining of Crimea to Russia and to restore friendly relations between countries, Peskov said: “I don’t think someone will be able to give such forecasts. This is the first. And the second, from the point of view of our current reality, status of the Crimea as a region of the Russian Federation, it is not so important, because it is unlikely that it will ever change.”

Coachman also said that because of the situation with Crimea and the conflict in the Donbass, Russia and Ukraine quarreled seriously and apparently permanently. He asked the Agency what steps can both sides take to the next two Slavic people made up.

Peskov said that relations with Ukraine have played an important role in the political and economic life of Russia. “Of course Ukraine is extremely important for us important for us in terms of interstate relations, it is important for us in economic terms, it is important in humanitarian terms. You know that blended families, and family relations, and so on and so forth. It is difficult to overestimate, it is important still, despite all the costs that the situation in which we got together with Ukraine. Quickly go through this pain will not work. Although, as you probably see, and as you know, in Russia there is no prejudice against the Ukrainians was not there, and I hope not,” said the spokesman.

In his opinion, one of the conditions for restoring relations between the two countries is the decrease “emotional intensity” and “ideological intoxication” in different regions of Ukraine. “As soon as the emotional intensity and consequences of ideological intoxication subsides in Ukraine, in different regions of Ukraine, when Ukrainians will be able through sober eyes, calmly look at what happened when they wonder when they will be able to look at their recent history, I think, then there will be more understanding,” explained his thought Sands.

The question is why Vladimir Putin has not visited the festive events devoted to accession of the Crimea, Peskov exact answer is not given, but assured that for the President this date remains special and significant.

“Putin really could not go to the Crimea, and hardly, perhaps, to be expected from Putin every year travel to the Crimea, you know, he’s there fairly regularly. The fact that he is not present at a particular party does not mean that to this day somehow changes its value. As for all of us this is a very important day for him emotionally, especially because in many respects the final decision three years ago had to take him. He took responsibility, showed that the courage of the political, geopolitical and, perhaps, better than others aware of all the consequences that will inevitably come for this decision. So clearly for him it’s a big day, important day. And, of course, emotionally… I don’t know how exactly he said, but what is for him a very special day — it is absolutely clear,” — assured Sands.

On the question of whether President that got Russia as a result of the annexation of Crimea, Peskov said that Putin is not happy with everything and that’s why he had the situation under personal control.

“It was quite a difficult three years, these were three years of primary Crimea integration and legal integration, legal integration, legal and economic in our Russian reality. This process is rather complicated and unprecedented, and probably in the modern history of Russia, this was not. Was all pleased with Putin? Yes, of course not. And so he had everything under completely manual control,” said the spokesman.

On the question of whether the President regrets about any actions he would like to do something different, Peskov replied in the negative.

“If you mean the essence of what happened, I’m sure that again and again he would have acted that way as he entered and took the decisions he took, and took upon himself the responsibility that he took. If you’re talking about nuances, whether it was more efficient to conduct certain processes of integration, whether it was more efficient to spend the budget money, which were aimed at improving the standard of living in Crimea and so on — I’m sure it should be possible to do something better, and I’m sure Putin is aware of this report”, — said Peskov.

Press Secretary of the President also acknowledged that following the annexation of Crimea to Russia, the international events and the behavior of some European countries and the United States became the source of many difficulties in the Russian economy. According to him, these difficulties have affected the whole country, in all regions. However, Peskov urged not to exaggerate the price you have to pay for joining the Peninsula to all Russians. He called it “feasible”. “It is obvious that the events and international behavior of some countries in the West, in Europe and in the United States that followed the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, they brought a lot of difficulties for our economy. And it’s not Moscow, not St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, and the whole country, all regions,” Peskov said.

“Those are the challenges, this is the price I guess that we all do have to pay for… It’s not a victory, you know, what happened with Crimea. It is here that the historical turn, it is rather, perhaps, the salvation of an entire people. The reunification of people with their country. And for this we pay the price. Whether this price? I will say this, it is quite feasible for the Russian Federation. Needless to exaggerate alarmist to exaggerate the size of this price?” — rhetorically asked the press Secretary and said that, from his point of view, it would be absurd.

“Bad is what is happening in economic terms. In General, it’s probably negative. But oddly enough, this has also a positive side. You know the positive side, in terms of the notorious import substitution. Which actually starts to work. In terms of breakthrough in agriculture. In terms of productivity. Far enough, but the process went, we could not be moved during the fattening oil money”, — said the press Secretary of the President.