The media learned about the arrest of ex-Deputy of Moldova for espionage in favor of Russia

Law enforcement bodies of Moldova has detained the former Deputy of Republican Parliament of Iurie Bolboceanu on charges of espionage and treason. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to sources in the Prosecutor General’s office of Moldova.

According to interlocutors of Agency, Bolboceanu was detained on Friday, March 17, after carrying out searches in his house. That the police found during the investigation, the Supervisory Agency did not elaborate. It is also unknown about the present status of the detainee — accused or suspect it.

Officially, the Prosecutor General of the Republic has not yet reported the arrest, however, according to interlocutors, the respective arrest warrant is already signed. The document says that investigative actions in respect of Bolboceanu is carried out in order to obtain information about “the means of communication, mobile phones, funding and other information that can be useful for criminal prosecution”, which the government of Moldova started in the summer of 2016, according to the article 337 (treason) and article 338 (espionage) of the criminal code of the country. The case is assigned for study in the special prosecution office for combating organized crime and special cases. The Agency emphasizes that the former Deputy made contact with the military attaché of the Russian Embassy in Moldova Alexander by Grudinin and handed him “some information”, during the meetings politician and diplomat “had taken strict measures of secrecy”.

“Taking into account the events in Ukraine, does not exclude the possible involvement of officers of the Russian special services in organizing or supporting events aimed at destabilizing the socio-political situation in Moldova”, — quotes Agency the text of the resolution.

The document also States that the authorities have established a link Bolboceanu with people “interested in receiving information of public importance” to destabilize public-political situation in the country.

Yuri bolbochanu was part of the previous Moldovan Parliament from the Democratic party. In March 2014, six months before the expiration of his parliamentary mandate, he publicly announced his disappointment in the party, which was then announced the exit of its composition. It clarifies the “Interfax”, the name Bolboceanu was entered in the list of deputies who tried to bribe in order to destroy the parliamentary majority and thus to provoke early elections. According to the investigation, which lasted more than two years, a former policeman Vitaly Burlaka and model Irina Baglai was offered to deputies at $250 thousand for the fact that they went out of their parties.