Chess Karjakin became part of the Public chamber

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved the 40 members of the Public chamber, among which chess player Sergey Karjakin. The decree published on the official portal of legal information.

That the President invited the athlete to enter the new composition of the Public chamber, reported on March 13 athlete in his Twitter.

Following this, Karjakin said that he had accepted the offer. Explaining the reasons for the decision, he said he respected Putin”, and like a strong President, and as someone who does a lot for the development of chess”. “Therefore, considering that the offer I received from him personally, refuse to believe that is wrong,” said the chess player. In public office, he said, he intends to popularize a healthy lifestyle, family values and chess.

Only approved list of 40 people. In addition to Adams, it included academician Leo Bokeria, Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church relations with society and mass-media Vladimir Legoyda, chief editor of the magazine “Expert” Valery Fadeev, Director Vladimir Hotinenko.

The Public chamber’s membership changes every three years. The last time it happened in 2014. The structure consists of 168 members, representing three groups, 40 members of the presidential “quota”, 85 representatives of regional public chambers, and 43 representatives from national public associations.

The public chamber is a structure, whose task is the interaction of citizens with state power bodies and local self-government “in order to meet the needs and interests of citizens, protection their rights and freedoms in the formation and implementation of public policies and in the implementation of public control over activity of authorities”.