… Revealed the main idea of the government’s plan for economic growth

The basic idea of a government plan to accelerate the economy in the 2017-2025 year will be the growth of private market investments. This was at the Congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RUIE), said the Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin, reports .

Contribute to the growth of investment, expectations Oreshkin, economic predictability and “building mutual trust between business and government”.

The government has already made progress in achieving sustainability of the macroeconomic policy, said the Minister, but not enough for the growth of investment activity. We need stability in the tax system, tariffs of natural monopolies, systems of control and supervision, listed.. Another task of the authorities is effective employment, namely the growth of labour productivity and workers ‘ skills, and reducing structural unemployment.

The Ministry of economic development works in these areas with the business associations, the Minister said, now the Ministry has a working group on preparation of the economic plan.

The tax system must support and stimulate economic growth, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. RSPP discussed the abolition of all the current preferences and replace them with a new tool for investment promotion, he said, but the Ministry of Finance recently worked with benefits for investors “a more targeted approach”, in particular, has tried to stimulate the individual subjects of the Russian Federation, for example, the regions of the Far East. Siluanov also again promised that the government will not raise the tax rate and the burden on business.

“If we [preferences] do for all, then interest to these regions from the point of view of preferences on taxation, of course, will change. Is this correct or not? Still, from the point of view of regional politics, economy, perhaps, we still here it is necessary to think” — he reasoned. Another issue, according to Siluanov, is how incentives will affect the budget.

At the end of February, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has singled out three basic measures of the government’s plan to accelerate economic development. According to him, to enhance the pace of development of the Russian economy it is necessary to create a sustainable environment, increasing productivity and creating infrastructure for the introduction of the digital economy.

As explained Medvedev, sustainable environment means a complex of measures aimed at ensuring the stability of the macroeconomic dynamics and stability of business — the sustainability of the systems of tax and non-tax payments and tariffs of natural monopolies, principles of Supervisory activities and measures of state regulation and state support. “Clear rules — one of the key aspects of investment decision-making,” said then Prime Minister.