The Kremlin responded to trump’s words about “die hard”

The Kremlin has not engaged in “linguistic analysis”. This was stated press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov in response to a request to comment on the fact that the US President Donald trump called Vladimir Putin a “tough nut”, reports “Interfax”.

His statement Donald trump made in an interview with Fox News channel. The journalist asked the US President to give a response to his Russian counterpart. In response, trump said: “I don’t know. But he’s definitely a tough nut to crack [eng. tough cookie, the literal translation of “hard biscuits”]”.

According to Peskov, “Russian language and the English is rich enough”. According to him, politicians “prefer to use the richness of the native language”.

Trump — “a wise man”, as he was successful in business, said in December 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin. He recalled that trump was a businessman, but “today it is the head of the United States of America.”

“But if a smart man, so he quite quite quickly aware of another level of responsibility. We believe that he will work from these positions”, — said Putin.