The survey recorded a drop in rating trump to the lowest level since inauguration

The rating of the President of the United States Donald trump has fallen to the lowest point for all time that he is at the head of the state. It follows from the results of the study of the American service of public opinion polls Gallup.

According to the latest data of sociologists, the activities of the head of state support 37% of Americans, which is 3 percentage points below the previous survey, 58% gave a negative answer. On the first day of the survey, which was conducted after the inauguration of the President, approved, and disapproved trump an equal number of respondents — 45%. The maximum value of the approval rate of work of the leader was observed on 25 and 26 January, and then mark rose to 46%.

A daily Gallup poll was conducted among 1,5 thousand of Americans, the limit of statistical error does not exceed 3 p. p.

During the election campaign Donald trump came from behind in opinion polls to his opponent, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. A few days before the election, which was held November 8, 2016, the poll results are almost equal. Thus, on 29 October, when Clinton urged the FBI to publish new data from her personal mail, the ranking of trump was 46.1%, Clinton – 53.9 per cent.