Medvedev appointed Kremlin official head of Rosmolodezh

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree appointing Alexander Bugaev, the new head of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh). The corresponding document was published on Tuesday, March 21, on the government website.

“To appoint Alexander V. Bugaev, head of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs”, — stated in the order.

The document was signed by Medvedev on Sunday, March 20.

Informed that the new head of Rosmolodezh can become head of Department on work with regions of Siberia and the Far East Department of the President for domestic policy Aleksandr Bugaev, wrote the newspaper “Kommersant”. Information about the appointment was confirmed by the source .

The publication notes that prior to the presidential administration bull worked as a Deputy head of Federal Agency for youth Affairs and before that Deputy prefect of the southwestern administrative district of Moscow.

The previous head of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs Sergey Pospelov, was relieved of his duties in October 2016. He held this post from 2014. He later became the first Deputy head of the state Duma.

Acting head of Rosmolodezh currently was Alexey Palamarchuk, who care Pospelova was his Deputy.