Real incomes of Russians have resumed falling

In February 2017 the real disposable incomes of Russians fell by 4.1% in comparison with February month last year. This is stated in published Tuesday, March 21, the report of Federal state statistics service (Rosstat).

In real terms the average salary in February rose 1.3%.

A month earlier, official statistics recorded the first 26 months the growth of real incomes of the population. In January 2017 this figure increased by 8.1%. Then raise the incomes of Russians associated with the lump-sum payment to pensioners 5 thousand RUB, which made for a waiver of full indexation of pensions.

The head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin has said that Rosstat published statistics are not representative. “Statistics published by Rosstat in February is not representative and for fundamental and technical reasons. Base last, a leap year, adopted the basis, and the transfer in February of this year, extra holidays distorted the statistics”, — explained the Minister (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). Oreshkin noted that “published data for January and February can be significantly revised”.