Russia has agreed to repay the last debt of the USSR

The Ministry of Finance of Russia has reached with the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina the agreement on payment of the last outstanding debt of the USSR, accumulated in connection with the supply of goods from the former Yugoslavia.

Signed on March 21, the agreement provides for the recalculation of the clearing debt in U.S. dollars and repayment of the amount within 45 calendar days of the date of entry into force

“As a result of recalculation of the amount of obligations of the Russian Federation to Bosnia and Herzegovina is $125.2 million and is repayable in a lump sum cash payment”, – said journalists the Deputy Minister of Finance Sergey Storchak.

In December 2016 the Russian government by its decree instructed the Ministry of Finance to hold with the representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina the final negotiations on the settlement of the debt and sign on behalf of the government the agreement.

In a paper published then on the official portal of legal information, it was stipulated that the Russian funds will be shared by the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina between the parts of the country actors. $72,59 million (58% of the total amount) will receive the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, $36,295 million (29%), Republika Srpska, $3,755 million (3%) — self-governing Brcko district. The remaining $12.5 million (10%) will be used for needs of national authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In February 2017 Russia has fully repaid the penultimate debt of the USSR – debt to Macedonia, Skopje official inherited after the collapse of Yugoslavia in the form of a share in the debt of the USSR for delivery in the country of Yugoslav goods. According to the Finance Ministry, the repayment of debt in the amount of $60,6 million Russia led delivery to Macedonia industrial products of Russian enterprises, and also provided the country, “the relevant services”.