The defense Ministry has asked Putin to resolve to write off the arms of the “Rostec”

Defense Minister Segei Shoigu and the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov asked the Russian President Vladimir Putin to convey “the Corporation” the exclusive right to deactivated weapons, military and special equipment (AMSE) and other property, including scrap metal. About it reports “Kommersant”, citing a copy of a letter Shoigu and Chemezov, addressed to the President, which appeared in a publication.

Chemezov and Shoigu proposes to give “Assistance” decommissioned military property it is forbidden to free sale of arms and military equipment at the residual book value and the scrap market. The authors of the letter asked me to give “daughter” of Rostekh company national ecological operator (neo) the right to acquire, dispose and use spasennogo military property.

The authors of the letter to the President claim that this will reduce budget expenditures on maintenance and storage of scrap, as well as to ensure environmental safety in the elimination of specimens of military weapons and other equipment, which “has no application in the Ministry of defense” because of means of the Federal target program “Industrial disposal of weapons and military equipment for 2011-2015 and for the period till 2020” it is not enough, the letter said.

While Chemezov and Shoigu have signed a cooperation agreement on comprehensive utilization of armament and military equipment, allowing “without the involvement of the budget to make room for the storage of scrap by various industries, including defense industry”, says “Kommersant”.

A source in the defense Ministry thinks that in this way the Agency will be able “to part with nearly 270 thousand tons of scrap metal”, which is now listed on the balance sheet of the Ministry, “without catastrophic bureaucracy”.

Earlier, Sergei Shoigu said that the delivery equipment necessary to conduct a separate competition for each unit, the newspaper said.

If such consent is given, the “daughter” of the state Corporation, the national ecological operator (neo), will be able to buy military scrap without bidding, and then sell at “Rostec”, says “Kommersant”.

Defense thus save money on disposal, but will lose the income from sale of scrap e-auction, the amount of which in the period of 2016-2017 years amounted to 3.5 billion rubles.

In “assistance” the fact of sending the letter to “Kommersant” have confirmed, but to comment on its contents did not.