The head of FSUE when FSO was detained on “the case of the President”

The head of FSUE when FSO was detained on “the case of the President”

The residence of the President

In Moscow detained Andrew Fireplaces, CEO of Federal state unitary enterprise “Ateks”, subordinated to the FSO. About it reported the edition “Fontanka” confirms a source close to the leadership of the FSB.

Caminova was detained by the employees of the Central apparatus of the FSB and the Investigative Committee. With him in the hands of law enforcement officials was the former Deputy head of the “Alexa” Stanislav kuner and former Director of the company “Stroykomplekt” Dmitry Torchinsky. His company was a subcontractor of structures FSO. All the detainees were close to the Petersburg businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko, which is contained in an insulator “Lefortovo” on charge in contraband.

Mikhalchenko is one of the most influential entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg, his arrest has affected the careers of several high-ranking security officials, said two people close to the leadership of the FSB. Mikhalchenko belongs to the group “Forum”. As written, Fireplaces, a good friend of the businessman, and Kuhner worked in it firms. Structure Mikhalchenko associated with the case of embezzlement of money in the restoration of objects at the request of the Ministry of culture and the port of Bronka.

The case against Cheminova and several subcontractors from St. Petersburg were instituted under article “fraud in especially large size” and “organization of criminal community” (part 4 of article 159 and article 210 of the criminal code). We are talking about the embezzlement during the construction of the so-called Object No. 53 — the House of receptions at the official residence of the Russian President in Novo-Ogaryovo. The cost of the work exceeded $ 5.7 billion rubles, follows from the tender documentation on the public procurement portal. The winner of the tender, which was held by management of capital construction service engineering and technical support of the FSO, the “Ateks”.

A criminal case was initiated by the investigator for particularly important cases of the TFR Sergey Novikov, writes “Fontanka” confirms a source in the FSB. The damage amounted to 200 million rubles that is Novikov leads the case against Mikhalchenko. “Detention Caminova anything to do with the evidence that gave Mikhalchenko,” said the source . According to him, it could be that the investigation will add to the case of a businessman, another charge. Mikhalchenko the summer of 2016, giving evidence, said a source in the Investigative Committee. During interrogation, the businessman touched on the topics, not only related to smuggling, said the source.

“Definitely it has nothing to do with Mikhalchenko. Any testimony against Caminova he did not give. The more readings, which could be followed by arrest,” the lawyer said Mikhalchenko Kirill Yashenkov.

Representatives of FSB, SKR and the FSO is not promptly responded to requests . Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has forwarded all questions to the Federal security service. Lawyer Igor Reshetnikov, who is representing the Deputy Mikhalchenko Boris Koretsky, said that he heard about the arrests, but the official information from the investigation while he failed to obtain.

Contractors FSO

As part of the work in Novo-Ogaryovo more than RUB 388 million expected to be spent on designing the “garage, hotels with gym, hangar for storage of Park equipment, Home techniques, commandant, checkpoint, boiler and fences,” still more than 5.3 billion rubles were allocated directly to the building. The contract was signed in December 2012. The text is not published, however, on the public procurement portal posted additional agreements, under which stands the signature Caminova “Alexa”.

Of the 5.7 billion rubles. “Ateks” only got half, and the work was never completed, in connection with which the FSO has appealed to the arbitration court. “The sides [of the FSO and the “Ateks”] confirmed that the signing of acts and the payment of them at the expense of the Federal budget does not correspond to actual work. The parties did not deny that in fact works made even less than stated in the claim”, — stated in the materials of the proceedings. As a result, the court sought to “Alexa” as a penalty of nearly 77.2 million RUB.

The subcontractor structure of the FSO for this construction work was the “Stroyfasad”, writes “Fontanka”. The interlocutor of “Interfax” in law enforcement bodies confirmed that “Fireplaces attracted a firm of Kuhner construction work as a subcontractor”.

The General Director of “Stroyfasad” in 2009-2011, according to “SPARK-Interfax”, was Stanislav kuner. After that he moved to the “Ateks”, where until 2013 he held the post of Deputy Director. “Stroyfasad” in total signed contracts for all time of its existence, worth about 4.7 billion rubles, follows from the data of public procurement. Primary customer — Federal state unitary enterprise Tsentrrestavratsiya. This enterprise appears in the “business culture”.

“Stroykomplekt” in the works in Novo-Ogarevo was not involved, but the firm was a major contractor FSO structures on other contracts. In total, according to procurement, the company entered into contracts to 4.5 billion rubles, “Stroykomplekt” by order of the security Service in the Caucasus FSO for 258,6 million rubles were engaged in the reconstruction of the press centre at the presidential residence Bocharov Ruchei in Sochi. Among the owners of “Stroykomplekt” until 2012, according to SPARK, was Dmitry Sergeyev, another person involved in “business culture”.

Caucasian FSO unit at the end of 2016 became the figurant of other criminal case: the head of General Gennady Lopyrev, who was responsible for all public facilities in the South of the country, including the residence of the President and the Prime Minister, was arrested on charges of accepting bribes.

In the management of the FSO “Ateks” passed in 2007 by decision of the government. The company performs functions of General contractor in the construction and repair of objects of Federal significance (many of them are managed by FSO). Just since 2010, according to “SPARK-Marketing”, “Ateks” signed with the Federal security service and its agencies the state contracts for a total of a little more 69 billion rubles.