The media learned about the role of the leading British banks in money laundering from Russia

Leading British banks such as HSBS, Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds, Barclays and Coutts, have been involved in “Moldavian scheme of” laundering of money from Russia, reports The Guardian.

According to the publication, in 17 British banks for the 2010 -2014 years were spent as a minimum $749 million The Guardian writes that the investigators questioned representatives of financial institutions regarding questionable payments.

According to the newspaper, in the financial patterns of money laundering was attended by around 500 people, including bankers, as well as “figures working in the FSB or associated with him.”

Documents associated with the scheme were received in 2014, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and “Novaya Gazeta”, writes The Guardian.

“The Moldovan scheme”

According to the investigation of “Novaya Gazeta”, the corruption scheme in the conclusion of money from Russia through Moldova and Lithuania involves the creation of offshore companies, one of which was filed another bill for a large sum.

When the time came to pay the bill, it became clear that in the accounts it was not the right amounts. Guarantors for these accounts were made by shell companies from Russia and citizens of Moldova. When the time came to pay the bill, the taxpayers, have accepted obligations, but reported that kind of money they have. As guarantors for the promissory note were citizens of Moldova, the case enters the Moldovan court, which obliged the company, guarantors in court, to pay the cost of the bill if they had accounts on the territory of Moldova.

So the money from the accounts of Russian companies, which were opened in Moldovan banks were freely bred in the territory of the Russian Federation on the decision of the court.

Thus, under the guise of enforcement of court decisions by the Moldovan judges, according to “Novaya Gazeta” from 2011 to 2014 from Russia was withdrawn $22 billion, or 700 billion rubles.

“Novaya Gazeta” noted that the money derived from Russia, arrived in 732 the Bank in 96 countries. Got 5140 companies from various jurisdictions around the world. The newspaper was attracted to the study of financial journalists to The Guardian, Sueddeutsche Zeitung and the Center for the study of corruption and organized crime (OCCRP) and others.