The media linked the wiretap Trump Tower’s case against Russian businessman

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) in 2011-2013 listened to the Trump Tower as part of the investigation of the case of the Russian businessman Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov, better known under the nickname Taiwanchik. On it informs the American TV channel ABC, citing sources.

Tokhtakhunov suspected in the establishment of an international criminal organization associated with gambling, financial fraud and money laundering, particularly in the transfer of more than $50 million that was illegally earned by them in the United States.

To arrange the wiretaps over the activities of criminal groups, the FBI issued a special warrant to monitor telephone conversations and text messages exchanged between the network participants Tohtahunov. Surveillance was conducted on the 63rd floor of Trump Tower that housed the office of the Taiwanchik. Three floors above housed the penthouse of the trump. U.S. authorities have charged more than 30 people, tohtahunov received in absentia, the prosecution and the arguments of the investigation were rejected. He currently resides in Russia.

The sides of the channel stress that ex-US President Barack Obama was not associated with surveillance.

In early March, the President of the United States Donald trump in his Twitter wrote that he learned about the Obama administration wiretapping of phones at its headquarters in the Trump Tower in October 2016, a month before the election. Proof of his words the head of state failed. Later in an interview with Fox News channel, trump said that the surveillance of a learned from the media reports.

According to sources, The Wall Street Journal, these accusations angered Obama, but the ex-President of the United States decided “not to respond to every tweet intemperate” Republican. The official representative of the Obama Kevin Lewis charges trump denied and stressed that none of the former administration, including the President himself, “never gave instructions to listen to the American citizens.”

To investigate the case of tapping his phones trump instructed to establish an ad hoc Committee on intelligence in the U.S. house of representatives. His head Devin Nunes some time later, said the lack of acknowledgement of the facts of wiretapping phones of the President of trump Obama. Congress then demanded that the head of state of the relevant evidence.

The day before, March 21, the head of the FBI James Komi said that the security services and the Ministry of justice does not have information that would confirm approval of the trump on the wire.

Alimzhan tohtahunov was co-owner closed at present, the major of Moscow casino “Metropol”, “Europe” and “Asia”. He attracted the attention of American authorities after the winter 2002 Olympics in salt lake city, after which the militiamen in absentia accused him of attempted bribery of judges of figure skating.