Zakharov told about the timing of the visit of the head of the state Department in Moscow

In your Facebook Zakharova said that he could neither confirm nor deny the information that Tillerson is going to come to Moscow on April 12. The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry said that the Russian foreign Ministry surprised by the constant leaks of sensitive information from Washington.

“Political elites in the US, it is time to understand: this is again the “Russian hackers” hacked into Department servers or information security threat the United States still is of American origin?” — Zakharov wrote.

Previously, the intention Tillerson 12th of April to visit Russia, the sources said Reuters. According to them, the Secretary of state on April 5-6 will miss a meeting of foreign Ministers of NATO countries, and a week later will go to Moscow.

The Agency “Interfax” reported that information about the arrival Tillerson confirmed in the U.S. State Department. There stated that in the Russian capital, the diplomat intends to meet with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.