AP spoke about the fees the ex-adviser to trump from Oleg Deripaska

The Agency claims that in 2005 Manafort created a strategic plan, which, he said, could be very beneficial for the President. Later he collaborated with Oleg Deripaska, which AR called close ally of Putin.

It is alleged that in 2006, Manafort signed with Deripaska agreement under which he received $10 million a year. Their cooperation continued until 2009, according to sources of Agency familiar with the details of the agreement.

Manafort said AP that actually worked one time on Deripaska, but then refused to cooperate with the Russian magnate.

In August 2016, the New York Times reported about a close acquaintance of Manafort with Deripaska. The publication claimed that he was actively involved in the promotion of Viktor Yanukovych and made a great contribution to his victory in the presidential elections in Ukraine. The name of Manafort in the end, it was discovered in the so-called “black hand” of the Party of regions.

After the information appeared about the payment of Manufactu $12.7 million Party of regions, he denied the allegations, but left the post of head of the electoral headquarters of the trump.

March 18, CNN reported that Ukraine has three years seeking permission of the US authorities to interrogate Manafort in the case of corruption, but in Washington, it does not react.