CP said the agreement with LPDR and the Communist party on the common candidates for Governor

The just Russia managed to agree with representatives of the CPRF and the LDPR on the nomination of single opposition candidates in the gubernatorial election. “Today was the first workshop, and we agreed that in all regions, which will this year take place Governor’s elections, we will put forward a single candidate”, — said the first Deputy head of fraction spravorossov Alexander Burkov.

About these arrangements, previously reported RIA Novosti citing a source in the party of the social revolutionaries.

Burkov emphasized that “while certainty of the names [for single candidates] not.” With specific figures of single candidates, the parties will be determined at our next meeting jointly, including on the basis of opinion polls. Except for the representative “Fair Russia” at the meeting was the Deputy speaker from the Communist party Ivan Melnikov, the leader of the LDPR faction Igor Lebedev. Both were unavailable for operational reviews .

In early March, “Fair Russia” have addressed to the Communist party and the liberal democratic party to nominate a single candidate constructive approach of the opposition to participate in elections in the conditions of the overwhelming advantage of the party in power”. The liberal Democrats considered the idea of standing — Lebedev has declared readiness to sit down at the negotiating table.

But the Communists criticized the initiative. State Duma Deputy from the Communist party Nikolay kolomeytsev then said that didn’t think of just Russia and the LDPR a real opposition.

His colleague on fraction Valery Rashkin called the agreement a “surge” from spravorossov. “This is a strange approach first throw, and then say let’s will solve anything,” — said Rashkin .

In his opinion, spravorossy have distorted the idea of Communists to liquidate municipal “the filter”, which has arisen due to the fact that the majority of municipal deputies in control of United Russia. Rashkin believes tactics with single candidates in all regions are unrealistic because of lack of insurance on implementation of all arrangements for the nomination and withdrawal of candidates. The Communist considers appropriate individual approach to each region, depending on the position of the local branches of the party.