Raman said about the attempt of the defendants in the case of Putin’s residence to hide from the FSB

Involved in the case of the theft of 225 million rubles, the Director of FGUP “Ateks” Andrew Fireplaces were arrested while trying to escape and hide the money. This was stated in the Basmanny court of Moscow the investigator Sergei Novikov, reports . “Fireplaces have tried at five in the morning to escape, but was detained by the FSB. And there are witnesses. He also tried to hide a significant amount in the currency — said the investigator.

Director FGUP “Ateks” is in turn said to abscond tried. He said that he was detained on the territory of his dacha. “I’ve never been kicked, I just went out to get some air, just in the morning because I Wake up at this time. From all sides began to appear people who took me by the arm and started into the house. Any attempt to escape I did not commit”, — he stressed. During the meeting, Fireplaces declared that does not plead guilty, but is willing to cooperate with the investigation.

The officer also reported that Stanislav kuner, Deputy Caminova, collected, according to investigators, hiding in France. “Kuhner the ticket was purchased on March 22 in France, in connection with which the investigation believes that it was the intention to escape,” — said the representative of the UK.

The Basmanny court of Moscow on Wednesday, March 22, considered the petition of a consequence for election of a measure of restraint in form of detention in respect of Caminova, Kuhner, former Director of the company “Stroykomplekt” and Dmitry Torchinsky, Sergey Litvinov, Alexander Rodionov and Sergey Perevalov.

They are defendants in the case of a criminal, plundered the budget money intended for the construction of public facilities. The investigation is underway under the article “Fraud in especially large size” and “Organization of criminal community” (part 4 of article 159 and h 1,2 of article 210 of the criminal code). As reported by CCJ, “the damage from the criminal actions of the community amounted to no less than 225 million rubles.”.

About the arrest of the leaders of the “Ateks” was reported yesterday. As written , they became suspects in the case of embezzlement of funds in the construction of the “object № 53” — the House of receptions at the presidential residence Novo-Ogaryovo.

In addition, found that the “Ateks” was engaged in the construction and reconstruction of and other residences of the head of state. In particular, we are talking about the residence of the “Rus” in Zavidovo national Park, as well as residence “Gorki-9”.