SK has accused Whites of receiving another bribe

Russia’s investigative Committee (IC) showed the ex-Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh charge of receiving another bribe, reports TASS.

“March 9 against Whites were prosecuted under article 290 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. The investigator received the case, both cases are United,” said the judge of the Basmanny court of Moscow, which considered the question on prolongation of term of arrest of White.

According to the investigator, 17 Mar 2017 White was charged with receiving a bribe in the final version “in two episodes”, while for the second episode as a criminal case under article 291.1 of the criminal code “bribery Mediation”.

The guilt the former Governor, according to the investigator, was not recognized.

Nikita Belykh, who was then Governor of the Kirov region, was detained by police on 24 June 2016. The investigative Committee then reported that the Governor was “caught red-handed when receiving a bribe in one of the restaurants in the city of Moscow”.

28 July 2016 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin by his decree dismissed White from office “in connection with loss of trust”.