The media learned about the problems with the importation of alcohol due to the lack of excise stamps

Customs authorities stopped issuing importers of alcohol, excise tax on natural wines, explaining the refusal by the absence of marks on the stock, reports “Kommersant” with reference to market participants. One of interlocutors of the edition explained that the difficulties experienced are not only importers of still and sparkling wines, but also those who are engaged in distilled spirits in a half-liter container.

Another source said that the shortage of brands has arisen because of the lack of customs officers contract with “Goznak”. Brand just can’t be printed, because the validity of the old contract expired, and the new is not yet concluded.

“We are working to conclude the new contract between the Russian Federal customs service (FCS) and “Goznak” on execution of works on printing excise stamps for 2017 and on,” – told “Kommersant” in the press service of the Ministry of Finance is in charge of the customs service. The spokesman added that the signing of a new contract will be possible after the entry into force of the recently adopted Duma law authorizing the FCS to purchase tax stamps from the “Goznak” without competition as a sole supplier.

The new rule may go into effect in April 2017. In this regard, the Chairman of the Union of importers of alcoholic beverages (SIAP) Valery Filatov believes that the market situation will begin to improve, not earlier than two months and is normalized only by September.

However, serious disruptions in the supply of alcohol in the market do not expect. According to them, the major importers of pre-stocked old-style brands and the product itself at the end of last year.

To insure importers taught the excise crisis of 2016, when due to the delay in starting the printing of tax stamps of a new sample import of alcohol in the third quarter fell sharply. In particular, shipments of rum fell by 61.4%, whisky – 41%, vermouths – almost half.

At the end of June 2016, the Union of importers of alcoholic beverages stated that problems with obtaining excise stamps has reached a critical level, and in some cases has led to a reduction or even complete suspension of the importation of alcohol. To cope with the crisis, the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev was forced to extend the excise stamps of the old sample.