The opposition has accused the election commissions of Moscow in the absence of the “cutting” of districts

In several districts of Moscow election commissions and councils have deliberately delayed the time of approval of the new scheme of election districts, said a municipal Deputy of Sucina from the party “Fair Russia” Dmitry Martynenko. This information was confirmed by former state Duma Deputy Dmitry Gudkov, the Deputy of the Moscow city Duma from the CPRF Andrew Klychkov.

According to Martynenko, approval could happen in winter, and the current delay may hinder the campaigns of candidates in municipal councils. Spywares stated that in most districts “cutting” of districts were not approved. “As far as I know the situation is in many, in most Moscow districts,” confirmed Klychkov. In particular, slicing is not yet approved in the municipal districts zyuzino, Mozhaisk, Airport, Lomonosov, said local MPs.

Gudkov, who in late February announced his intention to stand in mayors of Moscow, confirmed the information about the delay. “I’ll tell you more: I have information that the United Russia party [candidates for municipal deputies from the party “United Russia”. -] these schemes have already received,” — said Gudkov.

Klychkov, who also intends to apply for the post of mayor, said that formal violations in the actions of election commissions no. The deadline for approval of the scheme — may 9, 2017. The same is stated in the CEC: “the election Commissions made suggestions about the new scheme of constituencies in a timely manner, within the prescribed period. The discussion of the suggestions is possible until the beginning of may. The term is not violated”.

In a press-service of the Moscow branch of “United Russia” this information could not confirm.

Rule for the change of the number of deputies was adopted in the Moscow municipal councils from September 2016 to January 2017. After that, the district councils were notified about the changes the Ministry of justice, which they and registered. “Then the councils and election commissions had to approve the new scheme of “cutting”, but in several areas this has not happened,” said Martynenko.

The opposition attributed the delay to the municipal elections in September 2017. In the Moscow election committees and councils of deputies “I understand that the later they this cutting will publish, the better it is, the less time remains for candidates not from the government, in order to plan his campaign,” said Martynenko.

Klychkov also see what is happening “kind of an administrative team not to disclose the cards”. “Before 1 December in Moscow was clearly one hand is running a campaign to change number of deputies. This has led to changes in the Charter, after which it was supposed to be a new registration districts. This is pure political game, even on the municipal level, where the expected turnout of 5-7% in order to create misunderstanding of where to be elected,” says the Communist.

Delay in approval of “cutting” of districts is critical for those who will run for municipal Council, according to political scientist Nikolay Mironov. “Usually it’s local public figures, the activity of which develops within certain territories, he said . And they are very critical, that it was known territory. So this delay means that candidates municipal candidates have very short time to master new territory.”

Municipal campaign in the capital, important for the opposition the opportunity to nominate a mayoral candidate. For its registration it is necessary to overcome the municipal filter, which passes each of the candidates for Governor since 2012 (from 5% to 10% of signatures of municipal deputies, depending on the region). In Moscow there is a limit of 6 percent of municipal deputies in 3/4 of municipalities (110 signatures).