The state Duma has released, placed under sanctions from paying taxes in Russia

As the correspondent , a bill that provides relief sanctioned from paying taxes on income earned abroad, was adopted by the efforts of “United Russia”. Voted 322 deputies, 85 voted against and one abstained.

The amendment, voted for the lower house, will be made to the Tax code.

The author of the bill became Deputy from “United Russia”, Chairman of the state Duma Committee on budget Andrey Makarov. According to him, the sanctioned persons can not leave Russia and are therefore considered Russian tax residents. If they have vital interests in the European countries, they can be recognized by the residents there.

According to Makarov, the negotiations on the avoidance of double taxation in the current situation may be ineffective.

The amendment merely invites the participants of the sanctions list throughout the duration of the sanctions to apply to the tax office about a resident to the home country, the MP said.

The Deputy from “Fair Russia” Oleg Shein, criticizing the amendment, said that the law is addressed to sanctioned representatives of Russian big business of the three categories of Russians placed under sanctions (politicians, heads of state companies and big business), they are the ones who before sanctions could reside abroad.

“Why they didn’t stop it (the adoption of the amendments for tax exemption in Russia. — )?!” — outraged the head of the LDPR faction Vladimir Zhirinovsky. In his opinion, during the years of sanctions placed under them businessmen “a little poorer”, but the loss of the Russian budget from the adoption of this law will be serious — Zhirinovsky, from the return already paid by sanctioned persons taxes and exemptions from taxes in the future, the budget will lose 2-3% of revenues.

“The oligarchs go out of control Tax code. Claim that they are residents of another state and say Hello, in fact, the Russian society”, — said at the plenary meeting, the representative of the Communist party faction Valentin Shurchanov. The law will give sanctioned to businessmen ability not to report to Russian tax authorities on controlled foreign companies, said the Deputy. “For us, for the Russian budget it’s a bad story. We can not control the revenues that should be directed to the benefit of the Russian society”, — said Shurchanov. According to him, the deputies of the Communist party as “incomprehensible” as it was possible to make this law retroactive (it will have fallen under the sanctions to abandon the Russian tax residency retroactively, starting from 1 January 2014). Accept the law is unjust, I believe the Communists: sanctioned people now live in Russia, enjoy its benefits and must be Russian residents.

Earlier, one of the defendants in the sanctions list of Arkady Rotenberg said that will not be the norm, allowing to change the tax residency of the sanctions. “I’m a tax resident of Russia and a tax resident of other countries are not going to become” — he said. “My brother and I pay taxes in Russia. This is a significant sum, which will remain in the budget without any talk of compensation or cancellation of the tax burden”, — the businessman added.

The newspaper “Vedomosti” reported earlier that the amendments to the Tax code will allow the participants of the sanctions list are not to report to FNS, if they are already reported on income tax authorities in another country. In the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Romania do not have to, because there are no rules for controlled foreign companies. The same applies to most offshore.

Among more than 150 Russians, placed under personal sanctions of the EU and the United States, there are businessmen, who pay taxes in other countries. For example, Gennady Timchenko (US sanctions list) has told in interview to the Russian Forbes in 2012 that “long paid taxes in Finland”, and then became a tax resident of Switzerland. A citizen of Russia and Finland is Boris Rotenberg (US sanctions).