Tillerson urged the Senate to speedily ratify the membership of Montenegro in NATO

The head of the US state Department Rex Tillerson spoke to the leaders of the Senate urging them to ratify the agreement on accession of Montenegro to NATO, Reuters reported with reference to the text of the letter Tillerson addressed to the leaders of the Senate and dated March 7.

The text says that the accession of Montenegro to NATO “fully meets the interests of the United States.” In addition, the Agency quotes the text of the letter, membership of Montenegro in NATO would lead to greater integration, democratic reforms, trade development, strengthening security and stability among its neighbors.

Letters have been sent to Republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell and the democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer. Tillerson says that would be “immensely helpful” if the Senate will appoint voting so to complete the ratification procedure for the upcoming NATO summit, which is scheduled for may.

“The participation of Montenegro in the may NATO summit as a full member, not as an observer will send a strong signal of transatlantic unity,” Reuters quoted the text of the letter Tillerson. “The United States is largely interested in the fact that Montenegro became a member of NATO,” she added.

Spokesman for McConnell told Reuters that the vote is not yet assigned. Membership of Montenegro in NATO is already approved by the foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate, the Agency added.

Moscow opposed the expansion of NATO. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the initiative of acceptance of Montenegro in NATO could increase the degree of tension on the continent.

Montenegro received an official invitation to NATO in early December 2015. For turning Montenegro into a full-fledged member of NATO requires ratification of the relevant document by all 28 member countries of the Alliance.

Reuters adds that the delay in ratification by the United States of the agreement on accession of Montenegro to NATO raised questions, will the administration of Donald trump for a confrontation with Russia, which opposes expansion of the Alliance.