Tokyo and Seoul announced “disastrous launch” missiles in North Korea

North Korea carried out Wednesday, March 22, the missile launch. This was reported by Japanese Agency Kyodo, citing a source in the government. Information later confirmed by South Korean defense Ministry. It was initially reported that Pyongyang could launch multiple missiles, but this information is not confirmed.

The launch presumably was made from the East coast near the city of Wonsan, and, apparently, he was unsuccessful. The type of missiles launched is not known.

According to the defence Ministry of South Korea, North Korea launched one missile. “North Korea fired this morning, one missile from the area near the base of Wonsan. But he [start], presumably failed,” — said in a statement the Agency, which leads the South Korean Agency Yonhap.

The type of missile is not yet installed, says South Korean defense Ministry. What happened to the rocket exploded it in the air, the Agency does not specify. “Our military is prepared for possible provocations by North Korea, including the launch of additional missiles,” — said in a statement. It also emphasizes that the Agency understands the details of the incident.

Reuters, citing the press Secretary of the U.S. Pacific fleet says the American military has recorded “unsuccessful rocket launch” in North Korea. “Presumably, the rocket exploded within seconds after launch,” — said in a statement.

March 6, North Korea has launched four ballistic missile, prompting outrage in Japan and South Korea. The day North Korea launched four missiles that fell some 300 km off the coast of Japan. Pyongyang said that the launch was carried out during the exercise to repel a likely attack on US bases in Japan.

On Tuesday, the Pentagon stated that they expect another missile launch by Pyongyang in the near future. Sources U.S. military officials told the Associated Press that the United States strenuously watching the DPRK and noticed the movement of missile launchers on the East coast near the city of Wonsan.

Earlier, Deputy North Korean representative to the UN in Geneva, Cho Myung-Us told Reuters that Pyongyang is not afraid of US plans to adopt a new package of sanctions amid the ongoing North Korea’s missile tests. North Korean diplomat stressed that the DPRK would continue to “accelerate” its nuclear and missile programs.

“I can say that Intercontinental ballistic missiles of the DPRK will start at any time and in any place according to the decision of our Supreme leadership,” he said.