CNN has learned the FBI about the team contact trump with Russia

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) has information that the assistants of the President of the USA Donald trump spoke with Russian officials to discredit the campaign of the opponent of trump’s Hillary Clinton. About it reports CNN with reference to the sources.

A law enforcement officer in an interview with TV channel said that the people who took part in the campaign of trump, “gave a green light to the publication of information when they were ready.” Other us officials urged not to do hasty conclusions and to wait for the outcome of the investigation.

According to sources, the channel, now the Agency is studying intelligence, as well as information about meetings, travel and telephone conversations that might have taken place between the people from trump and coordinators from Russia.

The interlocutors CNN stress that the investigation continues, the FBI is supposed to obtain comprehensive information on the issue. The white house and the Bureau of investigation refused to comment on this information. The press Secretary of the administration of us President Sean Spicer said that “the investigation and proof of these details are two different things.”

According to sources, the channel, the obstacle to investigate the possible relationship of the tramp with Russia is that the representatives of politics and the Russian partners recently ceased to maintain contact with each other.

“Some Russian officials changed the type of the relationship [with trump], which complicates the control over the negotiations”, — told the CNN.