For the Ministry of defense will mitigate the procurement rules because of the conflict in Syria

The defense Ministry will not be able to comply with stringent law on public procurement (44-FZ) when a state contract for the transportation of military threat to the defense and security of Russia, and also in operations for the maintenance and restoration of peace abroad. Such a government bill on Thursday, March 23, recommended the adoption of the state Duma profile Committee on economic policy.

The bill prepared by the Ministry of defense, received in April 2016, the corresponding order of the government. This was preceded by an operative meeting of security Council on increasing the combat capabilities of the Russian armed forces, told at the Committee meeting head of the Department of transport for the Ministry of defense Alexander Yaroshevich.

The current law on the contract system (44-FZ) provides for “unacceptable” terms when selecting carriers for the military, says Yaroshevich. In addition, under current law, the Ministry shall conduct a competition to select a carrier. The problem with the execution of the law, “aggravated on the background of Syria,” said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

The bill authorizes the Ministry of emergency situations to use the services of a single carrier rail, at sea, on rivers, in air and in the carriage of military vehicles. This will provide “speed and secrecy” for the carriage of military personnel outside organizations, explained Yaroshevich.

The procedure for the conclusion of the contract with this single supplier will develop the Russian government, it must provide that the carrier agreement, the Agency will be able to conclude within seven days, said Yaroshevich. The deputies have treated the initiative with understanding: only asked if there is enough defense week period for selecting a single carrier and any needed “for security purposes” to exclude the military from the effect of hard law on public procurement for some items.

Week period for the purchase of the Ministry of defense will suffice, although it would be better to conclude such a contract within days, said Yaroshevich. A list of other interfering authority of the provisions of the law on public procurement the Ministry will also submit to the Council, if members show interest, promised the Colonel.