ISIL has claimed responsibility for the attack in London

Terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS, prohibited in Russia) has claimed responsibility for yesterday’s attack in Central London. About it reports Reuters with reference to the Amaq News — official news Agency of the Islamists.

Two hours earlier, the British Parliament was made by the Prime Minister Theresa may, who said that the attacker acted alone, but was “encouraged Islamist ideology.”

Attack in Central London that is known at the moment

On the afternoon of 22 March, unknown was hit by an SUV a few passers-by, then crashed into the fence of the building of the British Parliament. In the ensuing brawl, he fatally shot a police officer, then was shot and killed by police officers.

According to the Prime Minister may, the assailant was a native of great Britain and previously had problems with the intelligence service for suspicion of extremism. According to the newspaper Independent, the assailant’s name was Abu Izzadin (before Islam — Trevor Brooks), he had previously served a prison term on charges of terrorist financing.