Police said the death toll due to terrorist attack in London

The official representative of the Metropolitan police mark Rowley said at a press conference, which was broadcast on the TV channel Sky News that according to sources, the terrorist attack that took place yesterday, 22 March, killing four people — a man about 50 years old, woman about 30 years old, the attacker himself and the police officer Keith Palmer.

He noted that he was not authorized to disclose details about the identity of those killed and the assailant in the interests of the investigation, but promised to tell the press the name of the terrorist, but will oblige them not to disclose it.

Rowley also said that at present in London hospitals remain 29 people, seven of them in critical condition. Earlier it was reported that the attack injured about forty people.

In addition, the representative of the London police spoke about the raids in Birmingham, which resulted in the arrested of seven people. According to Rowley, the investigation is ongoing not only in London, but in “other parts of the country.”