The authorities have made concessions to truckers in front of the all-Russian strike

The Prime Minister and the leader of “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday, March 23, met with representatives of several unions truck drivers — this is the first meeting at this level for all time of protests against the system “Platon”, which began in Russia in November 2015. The truckers met the leadership of “United Russia” headed by the Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov, he participated in today’s conversation. Although the meeting of Medvedev with the carriers never mentioned the impending nationwide strike of truckers, such steps of the authorities are partly connected with the planned protest, said the source in the “United Russia”.

In the beginning of the meeting Medvedev explained that he was approached colleagues from the party and announced the desire “to communicate and discuss the most relevant topics that exist today in the sphere of automobile transportations”, the correspondent . The Prime Minister himself decided to meet with the truckers, after listened to the report of the Foundation following the meeting of March 22, knows a source in the party. According to him, the meeting of United Russia was initiated by the truckers who have addressed themselves to the party. Some of them were prepared to participate in nationwide protests scheduled for March 27.

From the “small and medium business in the field of trucking,” as they described in a statement on the government website, the meeting was attended by the President of the Association “Gruzavtotrans” Mr Mityagin, Director of the Association of conscientious participants of the market of transportations “Everest” Paul Aseev, individual entrepreneur Stanislav Martynov, the General Director of transport company “Transkholod” Kamo Sahakyan and representative of the Association of carriers “12 tons” Sergei Sapronov. Was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov.

After the introduction of the “Plato” there are several associations of drivers of heavy vehicles who do not have a consolidated position and tactics. To meet Medvedev called not all, the selection was eventually invited “loyal”, said a source in one of the associations of truckers. A protest on March 27 to organize an Association of carriers of Ukraine (ODA) and inter-regional trade Union of drivers-professionals (MPVP), their representatives at the meeting with the Prime Minister was not. Representative MIMI said that the meeting with Medvedev didn’t hear. “Since March 27, we begin a passive action — refusal of carriage of goods. In Moscow, the action is scheduled for 10 April,” he said.

The meeting participants emphasized that they want to discuss not only “Plato”, but all the problems of the market. “Dumping prices, overcrowding of the market, quotas are immersed in the industry in a decadent state,” he complained to the Prime Minister Mutagen. “The issue of “Plato” relevant but it is not the primary issue at the moment. We have a question associated with weight and dimensional parameters with stratstone, with corruption manifestations that occur on roads, with these fees, are to a greater extent people care,” he said. According to Oseeva from “Everest”, the Association assesses the system “Platon” positive: “she’s really a fundamental thing showed, it’s done a lot for the state and for the transport companies, in particular, showed those carriers who are willing to comply with the law, to work in white, do not want to pay bribes.” “But there is a contingent that violate sound competitive environment. We, as payers of the system “Platon” and other charges, we are paying them. Those who it does not, strictly dumping the freight market and appears unhealthy competition,” said Oseev the head of the government.

As reported by Mr Mutagen after the meeting, carriers outlined to the Prime Minister and the Ministry of transport a few suggestions: first, to raise the tariff in the “Plato” is not twice as planned the government (15 April rate should be increased to 3.06 RUB, with a current of 1.53 Euro per 1 km) and only 20%. Medvedev supported the idea of reduced indexation of the tariff, proposing to increase it by 25%. “I think we could <…> to stretch and extend the grace period that exists. That is to give at the moment, for a time, from the more rigid solutions that were adopted, and index the rate in the near future for smaller amounts, i.e., 25% to the rate”, — said the Prime Minister at the end of the conversation.

Second, to simplify the scheme for carriers, especially for individual entrepreneurs, the transport tax and the deductions for the “Plato” says Mutagen. Finally, the carriers have proposed to consider the possibility of a differentiated concessionary rate for those who drive long distances. “Many carriers passing short distances, and some 20-30 thousand km in a month wound. To consider this possibility for those who are very many uses of the Federal highway, through a certain amount of time and distance was the opportunity to pay a reduced fare, it would only help the business,” said Matawan at the meeting with the Prime Minister. According to him, Medvedev supported the proposal.