The Kremlin said Ukraine as a country with “dangerous investment environment”

The Kremlin said Ukraine as a country with “dangerous investment environment”

The investment situation in Ukraine “extremely dangerous”, there is an increased risk for investors. This was stated press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov on a question about the position of the Kremlin in the work of the “daughters” of Russian banks in Ukraine, reports .

“Certainly, from our point of view and the perspective of the participants of the international economic life of Ukraine is not a country with attractive investment climate. Moreover it is a country with a very hazardous investment environment, the economy, probably, increased risk for investors,” so Sands responded to the request of journalists to mark the position of the Kremlin on the work of Russian banks in Ukraine.

The press Secretary stressed that the activities of Russian financial institutions in Ukraine is in grave danger, and “further actions of the Ukrainian authorities is unpredictable.” “We know that Ukrainian authorities are unable to restore order in countering the extremist forces that cause deep regret”, he added.

To the question about whether it is necessary for Russian banks to leave Ukraine, Peskov said that the bankers had previously voiced his desire to begin working to minimize possible damage when you try as soon as possible to leave the Ukrainian market. “You know, that position was declared by our bankers is probably more important. They act in the interests of their shareholders first and foremost,” said the spokesman.

The national Bank of Ukraine said on March 15 wideni sanctions “dochek” Russian banks. In the black list includes Sberbank, VTB, BM-Bank, Prominvestbank and VS Bank. The restrictions include a ban on any operations in favor of the parent institutions is the provision of interbank loans, deposits, purchase of securities, prohibition of dividend payments and other transactions.” On the eve of the national Bank said that the restrictions come into force in force since March 23.