The city authorities decided on the first series of five-story building under demolition

The city authorities decided on the first series of five-story building under demolition

A series of demolition

The demolition of five-story building is scheduled to begin in homes series I-510 and I-515, said the Deputy head of the Commission of Moscow city Council on town-planning Oleg Soroka and confirmed the prefects of the Western and North-Eastern districts of the capital.

“This is panel five-story building [I-510 and I-515], built in the late fifties — early sixties, which do not meet any modern requirements and standards,” — said Forty in conversation with . According to him, these houses are impossible to build in house counters of hot and cold water, there is no Elevator and garbage, leaky roofs. Communication immured in walls, apartments have a common risers for toilets.

“At present, the main series that are in the priority, – 515, 511, 510”, — said the prefect, ZAO Alexei Alexandrov at the meeting with residents on 22 March, which was attended by the correspondent . On panel five-storey series I-510 and I-515 said, in mid-March at the reception of the inhabitants and the prefect of NEAD Valery Vinogradov. According to officials, repairing such houses is impossible without reduction of the area.

In a press-service of the Complex urban policy in Moscow insist that “tolerable” series in the new program will not”. “Renovation is planned in a quarterly mode and will depend entirely on the desires of the residents. If Muscovites from a particular quarter do not want to enter into a program of renovation, to relocate them and demolish the house, no one will no matter which series they are,” said the Agency.

The house next to the highways

House series I-510 was built in Moscow from 1957 to 1969. The “peak” of construction occurred at the beginning of the sixties. The apartments have from one to three rooms, at the ends of the balconies. Houses have no elevators and refuse chutes, ceiling height up to 2.7 m. In Moscow there are about 1000 such buildings, including the don, middle-class districts, textile workers.

Of building the I-515/5 was also designed in the fifties. The ceiling height in them is 2,5 m, batteries hidden in interior walls, chutes no. Across floors assembled from slabs, stairs — with concrete platforms and marches with false steps. In Moscow, less than 2 thousand buildings, including in the Presnensky district, Zamoskvorechye, Concave.

Home series 1-510

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I-511 — brick building height of five floors and below with gypsum ceilings and a ceiling height less than 2.5 m. In some of the “Khrushchev” of the gas column. Houses 511 series remained in Moscow, about 900, including in the areas of Basman and Falcon mountain.

The priority of homes to be demolished can get five-story building, located close to major highways under construction, said Alexandrov. The five houses near the North-West Expressway (on Bozhenko street in Kuntsevo), which represent a single block, and two houses on the street Alekseya Sviridova near the Northern alternative route to Kutuzovsky Prospekt. In the primary list can also login at home, where demands for resettlement, said the prefect: for example, the blocks 79 to 81 in Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, five-story building on the Avenue Marshal Zhukov, the old house on new York street.

Now districts are searching for launch sites for the construction of the first houses for the wave of resettlement. They can appear, for example, in the Solntsevo between the street Pilots and the station Novoperedelkino. “In Solntsevo there is a reserve where to move, you can start there,” Alexandrov said at the meeting with the residents. The official said that the grounds for the wave of relocation looking for in each area.

In the Prefecture VAO told that the launch pad may appear on the territory of former industrial zones. The prefect Aleksei Chelyshev said that there were proposals from the architectural Committee and district authorities.

The initiative group

The Deputy of the Moscow city Duma from the CPRF Andrew Klychkov said that now in the Southeast district created an initiative group of residents and municipal deputies, who fear that their areas will infill development. “Vykhino built five-story building. In Zhulebino, ring road their is almost there, the nature of the complex, and residents fear that their neighborhoods will be built. Difficult to find free sites for starter homes and not to call this spot buildings,” — says Klychkov.

According to him, the first thing to demolish the homes of pre-war construction with wooden beams. If you take the amount of contributions for capital repairs, that the residents of all five-storey buildings in Moscow will pay from 2015 to 2018, it will RUB 12 billion, enough for only the demolition of 30 houses, said the Deputy.

In total, Moscow plans to demolish 8,000 five-story building with total area of 25 million square meters, inhabited by 530 thousand families. Only for the resettlement of residents of “Khrushchev” will need to build 35 million square meters taking into account apartments that developers will put up for sale, the area of new construction may be three times more. Most of the five-story property is located in the Eastern district — more than 5.7 million sq. m.

Adopted in 1999, the first resettlement program in Moscow was demolished almost 1.7 million “Khrushchev”.