The Duma approved a fine for the import into Russia of more than five litres of spirits

The Russians can start to fine for the importation and transfer of alcohol without excise stamps of the Russian stronger than 28 degrees in the amount of more than five liters. This prohibition is contained in the bill, which the state Duma adopted on Friday in the first reading. According to the document, the fine will amount to 3-5 thousand rubles

Free importation of alcohol by individuals leads to losses of the Russian manufacturers and the budget: the producers are losing competitiveness, and the budget loses revenues because the excise tax for the alcohol not paid, explained the co-sponsor, Senator Sergei Ryabukhin. According to him, a serious competition to the Russian manufacturers is cheap vodka from Kazakhstan and other EEU countries.

Citizens importing alcohol for “gazelles”, arguing that doing it for personal use, said Ryabukhin. Then the unmarked vodka hits the stores, says the Senator. The Deputy from LDPR Sergey Katasonov has confirmed that in his constituency in the Orenburg region “all counters stacked with the Kazakh vodka.” But Katasonov has doubts about the enforceability of this prohibition: customs posts on the borders in the EEU there, said he, but the guards were only interested in the presence of citizens of the prohibited items and substances. The problem is, I agree Ryabukhin, and the interior Ministry and customs will need to restructure their operations, he warned.

The bill was introduced by a group of senators headed by Sergey Ryabuhina after death from poisoning bath concentrate “Hawthorn”. In addition to a ban on the free movement of unmarked alcohol in the country it also prohibits the sale of alcohol-containing liquids through vending machines, and also requires that manufacturers of medical alcohol to connect to the controlling system of USAIS.

The mass poisoning “Hawthorn” occurred in December in Irkutsk region, killing 77 people, and experts found in liquid methanol and antifreeze.After President Vladimir Putin called for tougher trade rules for perfumery and cosmetics and household products containing alcohol.