Berlin said about the attacks by Russian hackers on the server party

In 2016 Germany have prevented two hacker attacks, which, in the opinion of the authorities, took hackers from the group Fancy Bear. In an interview with Reuters said the President of the Federal office for information security Arne Senbon.

According to him, in may last year, hackers tried to hack the servers of the party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Christian democratic Union) in the Baltic region.

A couple months later there was an attempted hacking of the servers of the party of the Bundestag by “phishing.” Experts said that the attack of the hackers used the domain name of NATO, to try to implant malicious software.

“Germany is still at risk in cyberspace, because we have digitized a lot of data,” — said Senbon.

He explained that the Agency, which he heads, is doing everything possible to strengthen the defense of Germany against such attacks: monitors government networks and tells politicians how to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

“We give them [the politicians] advice and help to take certain measures. But in the end, each party is responsible [for their actions],” said the German politician.

During the election campaign in the United States Fancy Bear also was accused of hacking the servers of the national Committee of the US Democratic party and obtaining the data about Hillary Clinton. Now in the US there is an investigation about the “intervention” of Russia in the American elections, the reason for which steel, including the publication of documents of the democratic party.

After the elections, which took place in the United States, the authorities warned that Moscow could influence the elections in France and Germany. In early December, the German government said the growth of “aggressive cyber-espionage” on the part of Russia. According to the head of the Federal service for the protection of the Constitution (BfV), Germany Hans-Georg Maasen, these operations on the part of Russia “pose a threat to members of the government, the Parliament and the democratic parties of Germany.” BfV has warned that it expects further action including group Fancy Bear.

Moscow has repeatedly denied the possibility of interference in the election process in other countries and the involvement of Russian hackers for cyber attacks.