“He betrayed corruption”: in Kiev, was buried ex-Deputy Boronenkov

In Kiev Vladimir Cathedral said goodbye to slain earlier, ex-Deputy of Russian state Duma Denis by Voronenkova. The funeral fled MP per second were recorded over two dozen television cameras, reporters conducted a live broadcast to Facebook and tried to choose a good shooting angle. “Today we’re in the Cathedral don’t get,” complained the elderly from Kiev my friend.

To say goodbye to Voronenkova came the widow of murdered Maria Maksakova, a former Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomarev, Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Gerashchenko, a Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, an opposition activist from Russia, Olga Kurnosova and colleagues of the deceased. “Where are the deputies of the Ukrainian then? Nobody came except Gerashchenko?” — asked one of the men in the Church of the Kiev the other. In response, the source only shrugged his shoulders.

The gathering around the reporters stood guard Ponomarev, the employee of security Service of Ukraine. Near Maksakova stood second guard in body armor and dark glasses after her husband’s death guard Maksakova strengthened.

After the ceremony Maria Maksakova refused to communicate with journalists and the ring guard left the Cathedral. Instead, the press came Ponomarev and Gerashchenko. “The consequence has established the killer knows the situation of his last years of life, knows his motives. All these years, in 2014, he performed the task of the Russian special services”, — reported to journalists Gerashchenko. He spoke about “serious but stable condition,” the guard Boronenkov, fatally wounding the killer.

The funeral fled from Russia Boronenkov passed on Zverinetska cemetery. “Challenging the cemetery, there are serious people,” — said the inhabitant of Kiev Andrey. In this cemetery were buried in the family vault of the mother and the younger brother of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Mother and sister Boronenkov goodbye to the dead did not come.

“He graduated from the Ryazan University with the red diploma” — listed the merits of slain funeral Director. The reporters bustled around, selecting point shooting and in consultation with a representative of the funeral home. “Step away from the path, do not place the tripods, the last way will be here to see,” said reporters pohoronit.

The first speech over the coffin of said Ponomarev. “Denis has betrayed the most sacred thing in Russia: he exposes the corruption,” solemnly said the former Deputy of the state Duma. At the end of the speech, he promised to avenge the murder of.

Then the last word was said Gerashchenko. “He’ll fall in line with other Russian martyrs: [Boris] Nemtsov, [Alexander] Litvinenko,” — pathetically said the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada.

The last goodbye by Voronenkova classmate at the Leningrad Suvorov military school and the widow of the victim. “Of course, he was glad that Ukraine took it and gave me the opportunity to stay,” said Maksakova. She thanked all of her late husband and hugged him one last time.

After the grave was placed a cross, and brought wreaths “From friends” and flowers were gathered by the employees of the funeral, Maksakova briefly spoke with Ponomarev and left without answering reporters if she stays in Ukraine in the future.

“We talked about it today, she believes that in Ukraine it’s the safest place now,” later told reporters Ponomarev. In response to the question of ordering the murder of Ponomarev called the only, in his view, suspect — FSB General Oleg Feoktistov. Boronenkov, recalled former spywares, called Feoktistov their main enemy.

Scheduled for March 31, the concert of Ukrainian songs Maksakova is dedicated to the memory Boronenkov. “Come, she sings them very nicely,” said fled from Russia to Kiev ex-Deputy.