“Novaya Gazeta” reported “Chinese execution” attacked Resguardo

After analyzing the photos of corpses of the attackers on the part of Regardie in the Naur district of Chechnya, “the New newspaper” concluded that the victims were shot, not killed in the fighting. About this newspaper writes in the article “Chinese massacre” in the village of Naur”.

“The disposal of “Novaya Gazeta” was niezarejestrowana pictures of Chechens, allegedly killed during “clashes”. These photos were taken at the scene of one of the members of the investigative team. In the photos it is clearly visible that all “attackers” are killed almost the same way — shot in the head”, — the newspaper writes.

The interviewed forensic scientists, criminalists and ballistics confirmed that all the people in the photographs similar injuries: the entrance bullet hole is in the area of the ear.

“Experts confirmed that the people in the photographs were shot practically in an emphasis”, — stated in the article.

In the words of one former law enforcement officials, judging by the photos, there were the typical “Chinese execution” — so, according to him, called the execution of prisoners of war both fought in Chechnya sides of the conflict.

In addition, pictures of one of the dead, which has seen the improvised explosive device is clearly visible smooth fresh bruising resembling strangulation furrow from the handcuffs. The authors also note that the explosive device strapped to the body of the deceased yellow tape over the fresh stains of earth, grass and blood on the jacket.

“In fact, it means that someone strapped an IED by the corpse “Thriller” — concludes the newspaper.